GCU College offers many degree programs here you learn many thing from this campous life. Infrastructure also very good with compare to other colleges it offer many placements and many job offers to students…

Setup your account with this login link myportal.gcu.edu

In this link you have to enter all information about your qualifications and your financial aid information etc.

What Is The Use Of A GCU Portal Login ?

  • There are many advantages with this program by using this login portal myportal.gcu.edu
  • You can access your email account by using this program
  • you can access your records of students financial help and resources
  • you can access to academic counselling.
  • you can access entire university services and you can watch college tutorials

You can find here many professional services as you much expected by registering this portal. After successful login to this GCU portal account your qualifications will be given to your account instructions etc.

You can easily modify your passwords and some other details as you can.

If your experiencing any technical issue you can contact directly to the technical team and you should discuss about the problem they will solve your problem with in less time.

You Can contact them by using contact us page.

There many ways to contact them you can contact them by using Email,live chat and by calling.

If you want to guard your account your should keep high security passwords with all letters and special character etc. Follow this simple steps to login to your account.

How To Reset Your Account Password:

  1. Go to My Portal GCU Webpage, than click on Trouble Logging In link
  2. There you can see Password Reset Page, Click on that next Register my Account link
  3. Next Select as a iam a student
  4. after that enter your username and password

About GCU:

Grand Canyon University is a very good university it is an private non charitable university it is located at phoenix,arizona. There Aim is to help students across the students and help in education. They offer many  degree programs like graduate and undergraduate levels. The of the GCU is very dedicated and very helpful to students to reach there goals

Growth Of University

They invested lot of millions to serve the students they serving from since 2009 on wards. The campous life of the college is very unique and with new laboratories, classrooms, auditorium and play grounds. There planning to expand there student stength and going forward to serve good education.

There trying to teach in various platforms like Digital experience in online live classes student can access from any where across the world. There are also trying to expand there branches across the globe wide.

Student Experience 

In GCU, You can find everything which you want and you can enjoy college experience in entire student life. In the Campous you can see very big dinning halls, Auditorium, Clubs and Sports ground. You can experience their college tour by signup and watch the college tour.

If you need to know regarding admission enquires you enquire by following these link